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Greetings from Arms Wide Open Church!

First, let us say "thank you" for taking the time to visit our website! It is our honor and privilege to have this opportunity to minister and share with you the vision and mission God has given to Arms Wide Open. We would also like to share with you briefly how God continues to show His goodness and faithfulness to us, and what He is doing through this ministry and in our lives!

Over these past three years, my wife Tammy and I, along with our two beautiful children Kailee and Kyler, have been on the most MIRACULOUS, EXCITING, LIFE CHANGING journey in God's ministry we have ever experienced. You see, God called us to a new level of faith and put in our hearts to start this new church plant in South Carolina.

Now we must admit, when God first spoke to our hearts back in September 2013, Tammy and I were a little taken back, as we were born and raised in Maryland and had no plans of moving to another state. However, God put this desire in both our hearts and confirmed it multiple times within our spirits.

Now we knew it would not be easy, but we knew God had called us and He would provide. So we put our house on the market, and began to prepare for what God had in store. Did everything go as WE thought it should go along the way? No. Did WE know every step and hurdle we would have to face? No.

But...did we know who called us to this ministry? YES! Did we know when God starts a plan in our lives He is faithful to complete it? YES! Did we have to trust in Him each step of the way? YES! You see although we did not know what each tomorrow would hold, we knew who held each tomorrow, and He already had it all worked out.

One year later, the ministry God had placed on our hearts, His new ministry he had shown us one year earlier, ARMS WIDE OPEN, was formed and held its first service on September 21, 2014.

The reason we are so EXCITED is not just because God's new ministry has been started, but because of what we have seen God do over the past three years since our first service, which was held in our home living room. God has blessed ARMS WIDE OPEN above and beyond!  God opened up a door for us to begin meeting in our community's amenity center in Island Green.  You see, God knew we needed a bigger place in a good location pretty quickly where we could come together to worship Him. In this new location, where Arms Wide Open is currently meeting, God's spirit and power continue to move and change lives! WE GIVE GOD ALL THE GLORY as He has continued to be more than faithful!  Since starting in September 2014, God has provided so many amazing miracles in our church and in the lives of those attending Arms Wide Open.  We're talking about 'mountain moving' miracles, including jobs for those in need, healing of the sick, cancer has been cured, financial blessings above and beyond expectation, breaking the bondage of depression and anxiety, families being brought together in ways unimaginable, and lives being radically changed for Christ. THE MOST EXCITING MIRACLES we have seen...MANY, MANY, NEW PEOPLE HAVE COME TO KNOW THE LORD, ACCEPTED HIM, AND HAVE BEEN SAVED THROUGH THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST!

God laid it on our hearts to name the ministry, ARMS WIDE OPEN based on the scripture found in
1 Corinthians 16:23 (MSG) 'Our Master Jesus has his arms wide open for you'. We welcome all who come with our arms wide open. We believe you come as you are, but also in hopes you won't leave as you came! Instead you will leave knowing and having felt the love of Jesus Christ. We believe at ARMS WIDE OPEN, you may come as a guest, but you will leave as part of our family.

Our family is SO THRILLED to have planted Arms Wide Open in South Carolina. With EVERYTHING in us, we desire to see people come to a relationship with the Lord and to find healing and restoration for themselves and their families.  We are overjoyed with the all the blessings and miracles God has already provided since planting this ministry and we know He is far from finished!

We can't wait to see what else God has in store for ARMS WIDE OPEN and we would love for you to be a part of it.  

While we are more than blessed with the facility God has provided for us since planting this ministry, we're believing to be able to be in our own ARMS WIDE OPEN building in the near future!

In accordance with Ecclesiastes 9:10, we are doing this with excellence AND with "
ALL our might!" We are believing that God will send us "Kingdom Connections" to build His house as well as the needed resources to continue growing His ministry effectively for His glory.

We are truly blessed to have such an opportunity to serve you and your family.


Pastor Tommy Shifflett & Family
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